srijeda, 8. kolovoza 2012.

Nuclear generator powering the Mars rover Curiosity

Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES) 
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Powering Curiosity

Did you know that the nuclear generator powering the Mars rover Curiosity was assembled by researchers at Idaho National Lab? Yesterday marked the beginning of Curiosity's two-year mission on the Martian surface.
The First Self-Sustaining Chain Reaction
On December 2, 1942, 49 scientists, led by Enrico Fermi, made history by creating the world's first self-sustaining, controlled nuclear chain reaction. Two of the last surviving pioneers, Harold Agnew and Warren Nyer, recall that historic day.
Iowa's Clean Energy Economy is Working
With the wind industry supporting nearly 20,000 direct jobs -- along with more than 30,000 manufacturing jobs in its supply chain -- extending the production tax credit will help continue to fuel job creation.
Supercomputing Our Way to a Clean Energy Future
Last week, computing specialists from the private sector, National Labs and academia met near Washington D.C. to share best practices, discuss trends, and determine the future of computing in energy technology.

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