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Waste heat recovery business



Waste heat recovery business

join EEIP Congress in Berlin, 24-25 October

If you are working in industrial waste heat recovery, energy efficiency in industry or providing equipment or services to save energy in industry don't miss! This is your last opportunity to register to the major energy recovery event of 2012.

(Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes) and DENEFF (German, industry led initiative for energy efficiency) are inviting you to 'Energy Recovery in Industry: Opportunity for energy efficiency', a two day business Congress which will take place on 24-25 October in Berlin (Melia Hotel Berlin, Friedrichstrasse, close to German Bundestag). The event is supported by the European Commission, CP Pump Systems, Reining HeisskühlungTurboden, Finnfjord, Elkem, DÜRR, MAN, Norsk Energi, energynet.de and Thomas Industrial Media.

Starting from the challenges such as
regulation and financing and moving to the solutions, from technology & services to revenue streams and specials like grid access, the Congress presents business case for energy recovery in industry.

Speakers are from the EU Institutions, German Parliament, German Energy Agency (dena), International Energy Agency (IEA) as well as from energy intensive industries, solution providers, banks and investment funds. Participants include those from the industrial end-users and those working with industrial cogeneration, pumpsheat technologies, energy management systems or consulting how industrial facility can save or better use energy.

Taking place with at the heart of Berlin and with participation fee subsidized from the European Union, the Congress is an unique opportunity to meet your peers and discuss how to connect business and regulation for energy recovery at European industries. The event is bilingual  (German).

German programme and information at http://www.scribd.com/doc/104101604/EEIP-Kongress-pack-DE
If you are on Twitter you can already follow the stream related to the event at #EnRec12 
EnRec12 Logos: Organisers & Supprters 

 Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES) specijal thanks to Mr. Dusan Jakovljevic
and  EEIP and DENEFF team.

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