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First Dutch sustainable 'green gas' station opens in Port of Amsterdam

On December 12th 2012 Port of Amsterdam welcomed the first Dutch exclusively 'green gas' station. The gas station is owned by Orangegas and only offers sustainable fuels. The source of the green gas is sewage treatment company Waternet. They convert residual sludge into biogas. The adjacent Amsterdam's Waste and Energy Company (AEB) converts the biogas into green gas.
Never before has green gas been produced on such a scale. And, with the opening of the green gas station a sustainable cycle has become full circle. From garbage collection all over town to filling up a tank at Orangegas' green gas station. This development is in line with Port of Amsterdam's ambition to provide a substantial contribution to sustainable energy and biobased economy.

Successful collaboration

Waternet has been supplying AEB with biogas for many years. This biogas was used for electricity and district heating. The past few years production has risen to 11 million m3 biogas. Around 1 million m3 of this was incinerated, because it could not be processed. A new installation (manufactured by BioGast) offered a solution, converting the non processed biogas into green gas. Due to the collaboration with green gas station developer OrangeGas, a sustainable destination was found. On green gas one car can run for 13 million kilometers. The green gas station has been made possible by a subsidy of Port of Amsterdam, developer of the Amsterdam port area.

First gas station solely offering sustainable fuels

The green gas station is accessible to private as well as business consumers. More and more companies are switching to sustainable fuels. The fleets of Waternet, AEB and Waste Service West have partially converted to green gas. The objective is to get more and more Amsterdam dustcarts running on green gas, contributing to a cleaner city and reduction of CO2, nitrogen and dust particles. Other companies in the Amsterdam port area are also driving less on mineral fuels. The green gas station is highly sustainable, offering a charging location for electrically driven cars as well.

Energy plant

It is expected that Waternet and AEB will produce around 20 million m3 biogas by 2020, of which 10 million m3 can be converted into green gas. The port of Amsterdam houses more companies which produce biogas. Total production can lead op to 30 - 40 million m3 biogas annually. In January 2013 a study will commence on how much gas can be produced in the Amsterdam port area (short- and long-term). The results of this study can lead to the construction of a biogas hub. An ''energy plant' with a high performance green gas servicing the port and surrounding area.

Biobased economy in the port of Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam has the ambition to provide a substantial contribution to renewable energy and biobased economy. It does that by starting and extending partnerships with customers and innovative start ups. Being a true world class energy port , it is only natural that the port of Amsterdam provides a contribution. It is an excellent base for the development of cleaner means of energy. These new means of energy even need a stronger position within the mineral energy sector, as well as in agribulk and recycling. Cornerstones in which the port of Amsterdam excels. These core industries also make the port an appealing location for biobased economy.
Port of Amsterdam allocates space and invests in collaborations for the development of biobased activities in the port area. It strongly aims towards synergy: formation of clusters and cycles, in which one company's residue is another company's raw material and waste collected in the city and surrounding region is converted into raw material and energy. With the opening of Orangegas' green gas station a sustainable cycle has become full circle. A marvelous development in line with Port of Amsterdam's ambitions.

sustainable cycle becomes full circle

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