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Energy Conservation vs. Energy Efficiency

Energy Conservation vs. Energy Efficiency

What's the Difference?

Energy Efficiency means building smarter homes

The OPEC oil embargo and related energy shortages and gas lines in the 1970s…

The President of the United States sitting in a cardigan asking all Americans to turn down their thermostats and industries to run factories at partial capacity…being somewhat less comfortable…


These are such graphic images of energy and national security in the American consciousness that they often are the first thoughts that come to mind when the words "energy conservation" are heard.

But energy efficiency is a far cry from the energy conservation images and practices of old - of doing with less or doing without, of being uncomfortable or less comfortable. Not unlike the tremendous technological strides on the computer, electronics, and other fronts, energy efficiency takes advantage of advances in technology to provide significantly better, smarter services.

Energy efficiency means:

  • Using advanced and state-of-the-art technologies to provide better quality energy services with less energy.
  • Getting the most productivity from every unit of energy.
  • Getting the desired energy services — comfortable homes, profitable businesses, convenient transportation — with less energy use, less air pollution, and lower total cost.
  • Using energy wisely.
  • Eliminating energy waste.
  • Using technology to easily reduce energy use without having to daily "remember" to do it yourself

Energy efficiency means getting more in columns A and B below for less in column C.

Column A Column B Column C
comfort productivity money
heating affordability pollution
quality performance energy
jobs cooling hassle
lighting control waste

Energy efficiency is a valuable resource that creates a win-win solution on multiple fronts. One action = five major consumer and societal benefits. It saves consumers money, increases comfort, protects the environment, enhances the economy, and promotes national security.

When energy efficiency is combined with smart energy practices — like turning off lights, TVs computers, and electronics, that you're not using — all of the benefits above are compounded.

More info at: solarserdar@gmail.com

Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES)

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