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Solar Decathlon 2011 by CCRES

University of Maryland

Hear straight from the collegiate students from the University of Maryland about their design and strategy behind their entry in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011.

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon challenges collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive. The winner of the competition is the team that best blends affordability, consumer appeal, and design excellence with optimal energy production and maximum efficiency.

1. Maryland 951.151 Architecture: 96.000 points (ranked 1)Market Appeal: 94.000 points (ranked 2)Engineering: 89.000 points (ranked 4)Communications: 88.000 points (ranked 3)Affordability: 91.366 points (ranked 12)Comfort Zone: 96.139 points (ranked 3)Hot Water: 100.000 points (ranked T1)Appliances: 99.798 points (ranked 2)Home Entertainment: 97.847 points (ranked T3)Energy Balance: 100.000 points (ranked T1)
2. Purdue 931.390 Architecture: 80.000 points (ranked T17)Market Appeal: 91.000 points (ranked 5)Engineering: 87.000 points (ranked 6)Communications: 83.000 points (ranked 6)Affordability: 99.215 points (ranked 2)Comfort Zone: 98.529 points (ranked 2)Hot Water: 98.750 points (ranked 3)Appliances: 98.833 points (ranked 6)Home Entertainment: 97.063 points (ranked 7)Energy Balance: 100.000 points (ranked T1)
3. New Zealand 919.058 Architecture: 95.000 points (ranked 2)Market Appeal: 93.000 points (ranked 3)Engineering: 93.000 points (ranked 1)Communications: 84.000 points (ranked 5)Affordability: 94.653 points (ranked 9)Comfort Zone: 77.347 points (ranked 12)Hot Water: 100.000 points (ranked T1)Appliances: 86.478 points (ranked 14)Home Entertainment: 96.579 points (ranked 8)Energy Balance: 100.000 points (ranked T1)
4. Middlebury College 914.809 Architecture: 93.000 points (ranked 4)Market Appeal: 95.000 points (ranked 1)Engineering: 82.000 points (ranked 11)Communications: 90.000 points (ranked 1)Affordability: 96.743 points (ranked 5)Comfort Zone: 81.633 points (ranked 7)Hot Water: 97.375 points (ranked 5)Appliances: 99.269 points (ranked 4)Home Entertainment: 98.560 points (ranked 1)Energy Balance: 83.229 points (ranked 4)
5. Ohio State 903.938 Architecture: 86.000 points (ranked 11)Market Appeal: 83.000 points (ranked 13)Engineering: 88.000 points (ranked 5)Communications: 80.000 points (ranked 9)Affordability: 96.402 points (ranked 6)Comfort Zone: 98.652 points (ranked 1)Hot Water: 100.000 points (ranked T1)Appliances: 93.593 points (ranked 10)Home Entertainment: 90.206 points (ranked 15)Energy Balance: 88.586 points (ranked 3)
6. SCI-Arc/Caltech 899.490 Architecture: 89.000 points (ranked 8)Market Appeal: 69.000 points (ranked 17)Engineering: 91.000 points (ranked 2)Communications: 82.000 points (ranked 7)Affordability: 98.750 points (ranked 3)Comfort Zone: 88.200 points (ranked 6)Hot Water: 100.000 points (ranked T1)Appliances: 93.707 points (ranked 9)Home Entertainment: 98.333 points (ranked 2)Energy Balance: 100.000 points (ranked T1)
7. Illinois 875.715 Architecture: 83.000 points (ranked 14)Market Appeal: 89.000 points (ranked 7)Engineering: 73.000 points (ranked 16)Communications: 79.000 points (ranked 10)Affordability: 95.819 points (ranked 8)Comfort Zone: 61.833 points (ranked 17)Hot Water: 98.250 points (ranked 4)Appliances: 99.955 points (ranked 1)Home Entertainment: 97.358 points (ranked 10)Energy Balance: 100.000 points (ranked T1)
8. Tennessee 859.132 Architecture: 92.000 points (ranked 5)Market Appeal: 77.000 points (ranked 15)Engineering: 90.000 points (ranked 3)Communications: 78.000 points (ranked 11)Affordability: 46.633 points (ranked 18)Comfort Zone: 80.343 points (ranked 9)Hot Water: 100.000 points (ranked T1)Appliances: 99.591 points (ranked 3)Home Entertainment: 96.565 points (ranked 9)Energy Balance: 100.000 points (ranked T1)
9. Team Massachusetts 856.351 Architecture: 87.000 points (ranked 10)Market Appeal: 92.000 points (ranked 4)Engineering: 84.000 points (ranked 9)Communications: 49.000 points (ranked 18)Affordability: 98.209 points (ranked 4)Comfort Zone: 77.896 points (ranked 11)Hot Water: 96.375 points (ranked 6)Appliances: 93.849 points (ranked 12)Home Entertainment: 94.362 points (ranked 12)Energy Balance: 96.160 points (ranked 2)
10. Canada 836.423 Architecture: 80.000 points (ranked T17)Market Appeal: 87.000 points (ranked 9)Engineering: 83.000 points (ranked 10)Communications: 81.000 points (ranked 8)Affordability: 96.395 points (ranked 7)Comfort Zone: 61.347 points (ranked 18)Hot Water: 99.500 points (ranked 2)Appliances: 95.599 points (ranked 7)Home Entertainment: 97.569 points (ranked 4)Energy Balance: 56.013 points (ranked 5)
11. Florida Int'l 833.159 Architecture: 88.000 points (ranked 9)Market Appeal: 85.000 points (ranked 11)Engineering: 72.000 points (ranked 17)Communications: 76.000 points (ranked 12)Affordability: 83.494 points (ranked 15)Comfort Zone: 81.070 points (ranked 8)Hot Water: 86.000 points (ranked 9)Appliances: 82.940 points (ranked 16)Home Entertainment: 89.655 points (ranked 16)Energy Balance: 100.000 points (ranked T1)
12. Appalachian State 832.499 Architecture: 94.000 points (ranked 3)Market Appeal: 90.000 points (ranked 6)Engineering: 80.000 points (ranked 13)Communications: 89.000 points (ranked 2)Affordability: 90.768 points (ranked 13)Comfort Zone: 72.663 points (ranked 15)Hot Water: 100.000 points (ranked T1)Appliances: 81.640 points (ranked 17)Home Entertainment: 97.847 points (ranked T3)Energy Balance: 36.580 points (ranked 6)
13. Parsons NS Stevens 828.816 Architecture: 91.000 points (ranked 6)Market Appeal: 86.000 points (ranked 10)Engineering: 85.000 points (ranked 8)Communications: 72.000 points (ranked 13)Affordability: 100.000 points (ranked T1)Comfort Zone: 78.724 points (ranked 10)Hot Water: 100.000 points (ranked T1)Appliances: 91.984 points (ranked 13)Home Entertainment: 88.939 points (ranked 17)Energy Balance: 35.169 points (ranked 7)
14. Tidewater Virginia 774.910 Architecture: 82.000 points (ranked 15)Market Appeal: 88.000 points (ranked 8)Engineering: 64.000 points (ranked 19)Communications: 67.000 points (ranked 15)Affordability: 92.439 points (ranked 10)Comfort Zone: 92.881 points (ranked 4)Hot Water: 93.750 points (ranked T7)Appliances: 98.255 points (ranked 5)Home Entertainment: 96.586 points (ranked 6)
15. Team China 765.471 Architecture: 90.000 points (ranked 7)Market Appeal: 81.000 points (ranked 14)Engineering: 86.000 points (ranked 7)Communications: 71.000 points (ranked 14)Affordability: 90.439 points (ranked 14)Comfort Zone: 91.816 points (ranked 5)Hot Water: 93.750 points (ranked T7)Appliances: 87.938 points (ranked 15)Home Entertainment: 90.938 points (ranked 13)Energy Balance: 3.590 points (ranked 8)
16. Team Belgium 709.843 Architecture: 84.000 points (ranked T13)Market Appeal: 67.000 points (ranked 18)Engineering: 74.000 points (ranked 15)Communications: 41.000 points (ranked 19)Affordability: 100.000 points (ranked T1)Comfort Zone: 64.597 points (ranked 16)Hot Water: 89.688 points (ranked 8)Appliances: 95.065 points (ranked 8)Home Entertainment: 96.994 points (ranked 5)
17. Team New York 677.356 Architecture: 84.000 points (ranked T13)Market Appeal: 76.000 points (ranked 16)Engineering: 81.000 points (ranked 12)Communications: 85.000 points (ranked 4)Affordability: 67.931 points (ranked 17)Comfort Zone: 56.401 points (ranked 19)Hot Water: 62.500 points (ranked 11)Appliances: 72.592 points (ranked 19)Home Entertainment: 94.682 points (ranked 11)
18. Team New Jersey 669.352 Architecture: 81.000 points (ranked 16)Market Appeal: 64.000 points (ranked 19)Engineering: 78.000 points (ranked 14)Communications: 50.000 points (ranked 17)Affordability: 75.851 points (ranked 16)Comfort Zone: 74.628 points (ranked 13)Hot Water: 85.687 points (ranked 10)Appliances: 92.411 points (ranked 11)Home Entertainment: 86.775 points (ranked 18)
19. Team Florida 619.006 Architecture: 85.000 points (ranked 12)Market Appeal: 84.000 points (ranked 12)Engineering: 66.000 points (ranked 18)Communications: 58.000 points (ranked 16)Affordability: 91.581 points (ranked 11)Comfort Zone: 73.191 points (ranked 14)Appliances: 75.945 points (ranked 18)Home Entertainment: 90.788 points (ranked 14)

Market Appeal
Comfort Zone
Hot Water
Home Entertainment
Energy Balance

About Solar Decathlon

Image of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011 brochure cover. Read our brochure for an overview of Solar Decathlon 2011. (PDF 6.3 MB) Download Adobe Reader.

Image of the Solar Decathlon "Building the Future" brochure cover. Building the Future. Meet just a few of the students whose lives have been changed by the Solar Decathlon. (PDF 1.5 MB) Download Adobe Reader.

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is an award-winning program that challenges collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive. The winner of the competition is the team that best blends affordability, consumer appeal, and design excellence with optimal energy production and maximum efficiency.

The first Solar Decathlon was held in 2002; the competition has since occurred biennially in 2005, 2007, and 2009. The next event will take place at the National Mall’s West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C., Sept. 23–Oct. 2, 2011. Open to the public free of charge, visitors can tour the houses, gather ideas to use in their own homes, and learn how energy-saving features can help them save money today.

The Solar Decathlon:

Educates student participants and the public about the many cost-saving opportunities presented by clean-energy products

Demonstrates to the public the opportunities presented by cost-effective houses that combine energy-efficient construction and appliances with renewable energy systems that are available today

Provides participating students with unique training that prepares them to enter our nation's clean-energy workforce.

Solar Decathlon Teams

The university-led teams that design, build, and operate the competition's solar-powered houses are the heart of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. Learn more about each of these teams competing in Solar Decathlon 2011:

For information about how to contact a Solar Decathlon 2011 team, see the team contacts page.

Is your school interested in competing in the next Solar Decathlon? Learn how to apply.

Are you a current or previous Solar Decathlon decathlete? Join the Solar Decathlon Alumni Association.

More info at: solarserdar@gmail.com


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