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Examples of CCRES wind turbine systems

Examples of CCRES wind turbine systems

Wind power is not for everyone, but when used correctly, a small wind turbine can provide a cost-effective energy source that (unlike solar panels) can operate 24-hours a day. In many cases, small wind turbines are used as part of 'hybrid' systems which combine both wind and solar energy sources.

wind turbine installation

One of the most important factors to consider is whether or not the installation site is suitable. Wind turbines do not work well in turbulent air and therefore they should be at least 6m above any surrounding features, such as trees or buildings, within a 75m radius. Of course, if you are installing a wind generator on your boat or yacht, this is not so much of a concern, but you should pay very close attention to the safety area around the blades of the turbine.

wind turbine height

If you feel that you have the right geographical location in which to install a wind turbine, please remember that the amount of energy produced by any wind turbine will be directly related to the average wind speed:

wind turbine energy table
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